The Innovation Department combines internal R+D+i potentials with capacities of the Technology Centres it collaborates with, on both a Domestic and European level.

Its aim is to efficiently respond to the needs occurring in the near future in the Client's environment and that of their own Clients, and upstream action on the supplier segment.

Enabling close communication between the Supplier - F. Urbina - Client - Client's Client chain, to gain awareness of medium-term technological product requirements and to design a solution plan with collaboration from dedicated Technology Centres and University Departments, means our Clients can also act as development suppliers for their own Clients, giving them a significant competitive advantage over their competitors.

Some of the standard aspects of this activity are:


  • Nanostructural design of alloys for their in-service response.
  • Manufacture and mechanical specification of new alloys.
  • New materials for reducing component weight.
  • New alloys for improving features.


  • Static and dynamic numerical calculation of cast components.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Studies for optimising feasibility.
  • Application of the "added function" concept to cast parts.


  • Development of new systems for obtaining raw materials.
  • Improvement of production processes and their metallurgical quality.
  • Process simulation for optimisation.
  • Numerical calculation of feeding systems.


  • Application of joining technologies for cast components.
  • Surface coating techniques for improving in-service life.
  • Specific design of new solid-state heat treatments.
  • Optimising the machinability of cast components.


  • Promotion of ecological manufacturing processes.
  • Reduction in specific energy consumption.
  • Development of total solid waste recycling.
  • Total disposal of all effluents produced.

Advanced processes:

  • Smart solidifying of controlled liquid-state structures.
  • Casting of metal-matrix compound materials.
  • Metal foam manufacturing systems.
  • New concept of motor vehicle braking systems.

Special testing:

  • Fatigue, corrosion, metallography and tribology testing.
  • Tomography and 3D Numerical Simulation testing.
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