Founded in 1985 Fundiciones Urbina, S.A. specialises in manufacturing cast iron parts, in Ductile and Grey qualities, for all grades:

  • Ferritic
  • Pearlitic
  • Bainitic (ADI)
  • Austenitic (Ni-Resist)
  • High Si ferritic ( SiMo )
  • Other qualities and combinations

The Plant has a modern to produce liquid metal of high metallurgical quality, continuously poured into moulds produced by:

  • An automatic high-pressure green sand moulding installation, applying the latest developed version of the SEIATSU process, in 900x700x230/230 horizontal format, equipped with an automatic pouring ladle. Parts weighing between 5 and 100kgs are produced at this installation.
  • An automatic boxless installation for manufacturing sand moulds by no-bake chemical moulding with dimensions of up to 1700x1200x450/450. Parts of up to 500 kg in weight can be produced.
  • Floor moulding capacity for single big parts, to a maximum of 1,000 kgs. Machining Plant.

With the aim of adding value to our cast products, we also provide the following complementary operations:

  • Machining and assembly of sub-units
  • Heat treatments
  • Surface treatments
  • Joining technologies

The industrial sectors served for by the production of Fundiciones Urbina, S.A. are as follows:

  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Rail sector
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Wind power generation
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Public Works and Mining
  • Valves
  • Motors
  • Machine Tools
  • Steel milling

C/ Padurea, 16 - Pol. Industrial Goiain - 01171 Legutiano (Araba ) - Telf: 945 465 720 - Fax: 945 465 728